RAx Review Assistant is a unique AI-powered tool that aims at making the peer-review process faster and easier. It is a one-stop solution for peer reviewers to conduct high-quality peer reviews efficiently.

Reviewers strive to provide fair, rigorous, and constructive review reports on time to improve the manuscript quality. However, reviewing may take several weeks given that these reviewers are active researchers and field scholars who have other academic jobs that also demand their attention.

Save hours of your valuable time with RAx Review Assistant. It accelerates your peer review process by simplifying literature analysis, and assists you in submitting high-quality review reports.

Watch the video to understand how Review Assistant upgrades your peer review process:

With Rax Review Assistant, researchers can get their research paper reviewed quickly from their peer reviewers and publishers can expect a shorter time to publication.

Don’t miss out on our most in-demand tool, the Review Assistant.

Access it in 3 simple steps:

  1. Register with your Name and Email Id. Ignore this if you are already a registered user.
  2. Refer 3 colleagues/friends/professors in the research industry.
  3. This step is optional, tell us about yourself. It helps us make the Review Assistant better by understanding our user profiles.

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