I am excited to announce that RAx is joining forces with Enago. RAx Labs Inc. has been acquired by Enago (Crimson Interactive) and teaming up with them to create amazing products for the research community. We are super thrilled about this and are looking forward to an exciting journey ahead.

We started building RAx with the sole objective of making research easier for researchers. I assure you that RAx will continue to be available to you and will only get better going ahead. I have huge gratitude for all the users who supported us through the years. I would like to take you through my and our team’s personal journey and give you a glimpse of what lies ahead.

Our Journey:

With the continuously growing support and feedback from thousands of researchers like you, all organic, we realized that RAx is making us more and more ambitious. We deeply felt that it's high time to scale up—both in terms of the team size (believe it or not, but all of RAx has been built by a teeny tiny team) and outreach. I was looking for someone who is as ambitious as we are and who knows how to get RAx to the snowball effect and serve the research community in unimaginable ways. And I struck a gold mine when I met Sharad, CEO of Enago (Crimson Interactive), a leading global edtech and research tech group, whom I personally knew and admired for all the contributions that he is making every day for the research community via the group brands. Our dreams matched, our methods aligned, and Sharad got charged up to take on the RAx challenge together with me.

This is by no stretch of imagination an exit for us. The acquisition of RAx Labs Inc. by Enago (Crimson Interactive) is a new beginning. With the complementary domain understanding and outreach that Enago brings to the table, we will continue to work on RAx with the same enthusiasm and obsession under the new avatar.

Road Ahead:

Knowledge acquisition, and thereby knowledge creation, is a cognitively heavy, complex process. We are determined to crack this problem for you and come up with unprecedented ways of reducing this cognitive load while triggering new directions of ideas. Specifically, we are to focus on enhancing the four fundamental pillars of knowledge acquisition via literature review: (1) deep critical reading, (2) exploratory reading, (3) organization and prioritization, and (4) serendipitous recommendation with newer possibilities.

What’s more, with this acquisition we are all set to materialize the ultimate one-stop research assistant suite for you by seamlessly integrating RAx with other cool complementary products under the Enago brand, such as Trinka.ai.

Before concluding, I just want to let you know that we will keep honoring all our agreed terms with you. All your data and personal information will be safely contained within the scope of the new guardian of RAx. Keep enjoying RAx and giving us your valuable feedback!


Prof. Sourish Dasgupta,

Founder, RAx