Wondering what to read first from your reading list? We may help you with our latest feature- Rax Citations!

You can check the citations count of all papers in your reading list, a reliable way to ensure the quality!

Try new methods to select and organize papers in the reading list- how about sorting them based on citations count along with the author's name, year of publication, alphabetical order?

What's more?

  1. Explore in what ways others have used this paper by getting the entire cited list in 1-click.
  2. Discover a nice overview of research areas in terms of their primary as well as the most recent sources.
  3. Find fresh and more relevant resources based on your reading objectives and easily add them to your list!

How to use RAx citations?

Once you have opened one  of your project’s reading list in RAx,  you can check  the citations count of any paper beneath its author details as shown in the figure.

See this 2-minutes tutorial to know how it works:

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