Here's how to install RAx Web Importer, connect to Zotero and start importing pdfs and author details directly into your RAx project.

Step 1 - Download RAx Web Importer

RAx Web Importer is a free Chrome browser extension that is available to download from the Chrome store. Click 'Add to Chrome' and 'Add extension' when asked if you want to add RAx Web Importer.

Rax Web Importer

Once you have downloaded the extension, you may need to pin the extension to see the icon next to your search menu.

Rax Web Importer

Step 2 - Connect to Zotero

Login to your Zotero account at and navigate to your library or folder that you want to import. Click on the RAx Web Importer logo. The first time that you use the RAx Web Importer, you will need to Log in to your RAx account

Zotero Web Library

Once you have signed in to your RAx account, return to Zotero and click on the RAx Web Importer logo to connect your account

Zotero Panel

Enter your Zotero Login details

Zotero Login

A private key will be created to enable you to share your data from Zotero to your RAx account. Select 'Accept Defaults' or 'Change Permissions' and select 'Allow library sources' to import pdfs and author details from Zotero into RAx.

You will see this message to confirm that your Zotero and RAx accounts have been connected.


Step 3 - Import pdfs and author details into your RAx project

Once your account is connected, click on the RAx Web Importer logo. Select the pdfs that you want to import and select the RAx project that you want to add them to.

Click Import to complete the import and the pdfs that you have selected will now appear in your RAx project.

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