With lots to read and limited time, we understand it can be difficult to decide which research papers to invest your time and effort in.

You need more details than the abstract to determine whether the paper contains what you need, before investing time in comprehensively reading.  

Get to the insights faster, to decide which papers to read:

Step 1 - Define your goals

Having clear goals will help you to find the insights and stay focussed. So, think about why you are reading and write down a list of the things that you want to know, to assess whether the paper contains information of interest.

For example - is the problem statement relevant or is the methodology different?

Step 2 - Bring your papers into RAx

Download RAx Web Importer, the Chrome browser extension, to add research papers from your favourite discovery engines or reference management tools, directly into your RAx project.

Or simply upload your reading list.

Quick Start guide

Step 3 - Get to the insights

Key Insights uses advanced algorithms to collate insights scattered throughout a research paper and organises the information into sections, so you can get straight to what you need.

Select a paper, click Key Insights and navigate to the sections of interest.

Step 4 - Review whether it addresses your goals

As you read the information of interest ask yourself whether this meets your criteria and answers your questions. Stay focussed as you review the insights and decide whether to read just the insights, read the paper in full or add this to your reading list to read later.

Step 5 - Stay in control of your literature review

Don’t forget! You can add task reminders to help you to manage your research tasks. Use tags to remember which papers contain content of interest, for a more flexible way of organising, finding and recalling information.