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Here's some useful resources to help new users to navigate RAx:

RAx Quick Start Guide

Quick Start Guide

Step 1 - Add papers or upload your reading list

When you login to RAx, you will be taken to your project dashboard. If you have not already done so, Create a Project and enter a project name. Click on your project and Add literature to begin uploading papers.


Download RAx Web Importer to add pdfs, references or web pages from your favourite discovery engines or your reference management software, directly into RAx.

Step 2 - Create Key Insights, to get to the insights faster

Key Insights collates the key points from the paper and organises them into sections, so you can get straight to the information you need.

Create Key Insights

RAx adapts to your point of interest, so you can explore information related to your project, paper or specific sections within a paper.

Explore related information from your project, paper or point of interest